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Best Free SEO Tools

SEO Tools

The components that go into creating a successful SEO strategy are numerous. Many wonderful people have created tools to assist us with practically every area of SEO, which is fortunate for us. Furthermore, many SEO tools are free, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on them.

SEO tools analyze a website and identify problems that may be why its ranking is low in search engine results. They provide suggestions on how to get high-quality backlinks and important keywords to improve your website’s ranking.

In 2021, we compiled a list of the top free SEO tools. You’ll discover a wide range of tools for efficient SEO, from killer keyword development to SEO health checks and troubleshooting. These tools have earned the Dilate seal of approval because we utilize them to help us maintain our position as the best in the industry.

Some of the best free SEO tools are

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have SEO tool for businesses looking to keep track of their website traffic and what content their target audience wants to see on their websites. 

Google Analytics keeps track of website activity like session duration, pages per session, etc. of individuals using the website as well as the source of the website traffic. Google Analytics can help in tracking sales activity and performance. 

By using Google Analytics, you can monitor the overall effectiveness of your website, online marketing strategies, and improve user experience.

2. Google Search Console

Ever wondered how Google ranks your website in search engine results? 

Google Search Console collects data on your site’s search traffic and performance and helps in boosting your website’s rankings in search engine results. It is one of the only places where you can get reliable data on keywords.

Search Console gives data on server errors, security issues, page load speeds, etc. It also helps in ensuring any site maintenance and fixes you make happen smoothly concerning search engine performance.

Therefore, the Search Console is very important for modern SEO.

3. Google PageSpeed Insights

Today, no one wants to spend 5-10 seconds for a page to load. Research shows that most of the users online switch to a different website if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load!

There are plenty of alternatives nowadays, so do not give users the reason to switch to better alternatives. Google ranks websites according to their site speed and page loading speed.

Google PageSpeed Insights checks the page loading speed of your website and provides suggestions to improve it. It provides lab data which is useful in debugging the site’s performance issues and improving user experience.

4. Mobile-Friendly Test

The number of mobile users in the world is far greater than the pc users. If someone is visiting your website, odds are that the visitor is a mobile user.

Therefore, your website should be mobile-friendly as having a non-mobile-friendly website leads to a bad user experience and Google marks websites rather discreetly as mobile-friendly and non-mobile-friendly and ranks your website in search engine results accordingly.

Mobile-Friendly Test is a free tool that lets you check the usability of your website and gives suggestions to make the website responsive and mobile-friendly which can help in avoiding the bounce rates from frustrated site visitors.

5. Google My Business

Creating a Google My Business page is very effective in increasing the visibility of your website in search engine results.

For example, if you search “dentist near me”, a map will appear, and the top 3 businesses displayed by Google have the most complete information like name, address, etc.

6. Yoast SEO

Get a set of SEO tools to optimize each page of your WordPress site and this is where you will need Yoast SEO tools.

You’ve probably heard of Yoast SEO if you’re in the SEO game. Many people swear by it since it’s simple to use, incredibly reliable and always keeps up with Google’s algorithm changes. When you publish a page or a post, Yoast SEO will provide you with several suggestions for improving your content so that you may begin ranking higher.

7. can assist you in locating the email addresses you require.

It’s essentially an email search engine that assists you in locating those difficult-to-find email addresses. This is beneficial for connecting with the proper people and efficiently outreaching. Verifying email addresses and guessing email addresses based on first and last names are two more intriguing features. There are pro and free versions available, with the free version allowing you to make 50 requests every month.

8. Google Trends

You can get useful information on the popularity of specific search phrases on Google and YouTube.

Google has released another excellent free SEO tool. Google Trends can show you what queries and topics are popular in your industry and neighborhood. To improve your content strategy, use it to undertake free keyword research, uncover similar keywords, and discover popular themes.

9. SEO Minion

This tool was built to assist SEO professionals, marketers, and company owners, as its name says. SEO Minion is a browser plugin that does on-page SEO research, redirects, and broken link checks, as well as Ahref checks, daily.

This program also provides a useful SERP preview tool that evaluates your site ranks in several areas.

SEO Minion is a lightweight and fully free SEO tool. Only Chrome and Firefox are currently supported.

10. Redirect Path

With the Redirect Path Chrome addon, you can detect redirects and issues.

This tool can assist you in staying updated so that you can handle redirection effectively and in a way that search engines will like. It not only notifies you when redirects or issues occur, but it also provides additional information, such as the whole redirect chain and the successful end page request.

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