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Beginner's Guide to Facebook marketing

Beginner's Guide to Facebook marketing

Are you getting started with Internet Marketing? Then you must have an account on Facebook because it is the biggest social media platform in the world. Now the use of ‘Facebook’ is not limited by only sharing pictures or chatting. It becomes an excellent platform for digital marketing also.

From the recent studies we get to know the following pieces of information:
(1) 1.66 billion people use Facebook every day.
(2) 2.5 billion customers use Facebook every month.
(3) 7 Million+ advertisers are active across our services.

Some piece of information about Facebook:

(A) Launched: February 4, 2004.
(B) Users: 2.50 billion active users (As of December 31, 2019).
(C) Available: 111 languages.
(D) Written in: C++, PHP, D.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook Marketing is an online platform which offers us a highly targeted paid advertisements. It also allows brands to advertise their product in front of the vast audience. It is one of the biggest marketplaces now.
Facebook Marketing offers you 10 objectives based on which you can accomplish your ads. Let’s explain those objectives:

Brand Awareness: This is the first step to introduce your brand with a massive audience.
Explore: Explore your ads to as many people as possible.
Traffic: Drive traffic to a specific Facebook Messenger conversation or apps.
Engagement: Try to engage many people in your brand. Increased the number of posts engagements or Page likes, increase mass at your event, or you have to encourage them to claim a special offer.
App installs: You try to create an app that promoting your brands only. Try to connect more people to install your app.
Video views: Build a community to connect more people to watch your video.
Lead Generation: Build new prospects into your sales funnel by implementing lead generation.
Conversions: Connect more people to a specific action. You can tell them to like or subscribe to buy products on your website or contact you on Facebook Messenger.
Messages: Encourage people to contact for business purposes in Facebook Messenger.
Catalogue Sales: Connect your Facebook ads to the product catalogue.

Is Facebook Marketing free?

Yes, It’s free. There is no extra cost for creating a Facebook business page, and it is also open to post or share content.

How do you start Facebook Marketing?

4 necessary steps will help you to build an effective Facebook marketing strategy

(1) Firstly you have to choose your goals. You have to clarify which business product you want to advertise.
(2) Create your Buyer Personas (Who help you to guide product development or where to focus your time)
(3) Figure out the efficient Buyer personas.
(4) Set your Budget.

Why you choose Facebook Marketing?

Let’s highlight some points about why a person should be interested in Facebook Marketing.
(1) Facebook has Global coverage.
(2) It offers highly targeted paid advertisements.
(3) Makes organic reach possible.
(4) The main reason to choose Facebook Marketing because it allows integrations with other marketing channels.

Digital Marketing provides us with a different channel to promote our business or for building communication with the audience like social media, SMS, or web push notifications. Let’s discuss why a marketer should consider Facebook as a social media platform to promote business:

(1) Global Coverage: Facebook has over 1.5 billion active users. More than 7 million active companies are creating daily ads for the audience.

(2) Offers highly targeted paid ads: You can tailor(with Facebook ads) your promotions to a specific audience based on gender, location, job, or age. It limits no demographical data.

(3) Makes organic reach possible: You can also build relationships organically by sharing materials that are also valuable. In this case, your post will show up in the newsfeed. It is for those who don’t have resources to utilize Facebook ads. It is quite challenging to build an audience naturally.

(4) Allows Integration with other marketing channels: You can combine your Facebook marketing business with other marketing channels like e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, or search engine marketing. It will help to develop a promotion mix that will help to outreach your business.

Facebook page: It is another feature of Facebook to promote your business, and it is also absolutely free.

How to create a Facebook page for a business: It is very to create a Facebook page, and it is also beneficial for beginners in Facebook marketing.

(1) You have to sign up first. Go to
(2) Select the type of page you want to create. It can be for your business or brand or public figure.
(3) If you consider a business, then you create a page for business.
(4) Enter your business information (like your page name or business name).
(5) Now you have to upload your profile picture and cover photo.
(6) Create your username. Click Create page @ Username.
(7) Add your business details like description, categories, location. Click on save changes.
(8) Tell some details about your product or brand.
(9) Create your first post.
(10) publish your page and invite an audience.

Formats of Facebook Marketing: Due to creating new accounts per day, Facebook is becoming a fast-growing company in the world. Facebook developers give you a new form of ads to meet your requirements. It can help you to build Facebook ads funnel, optimizing time-proven ads. These are the list for Facebook marketing Formats:
1. Video ads
2. Image ads
3. Collection ads
4. Carousel ads
5. Slideshow ads
6. Lead generation ads
7. Instant Experience ads
8. Dynamic ads
9. Canvas ads

This ad format depends on your advertising objectives:

1. Video ads:

It is the best way to achieve your business goals. Short-videos or GIFs facilities are also there, and they are also competent to grab the attention of customers. Video ads run in News Feed and stories.

2. Image ads:

This format is also useful for marketers to raise brand awareness and engage more people in your website. In case you don’t have enough sufficient resources to make video ads, you can try Image ads. Image ads may be simple but try to make it enjoyable.

3. Collection ads:

You can make a grid of one original picture or video and four small pictures of your product. This is called Collection Ads. y

4. Carousel ads:

This format allows you to showcase up to ten images or videos(related to your product) inside a single advertisement. It features more advantages because you can say about your brand in detail, or tell a story separated by those carousel cards.

5. Slideshow ads:

You can also create such ads consisting of a variety of stock images and some handy tools for editing videos and even music. It is a video-like format, and it displays well also when the internet connection goes slow.

6. Lead Generation ads:

This format is basically for mobile users. When a user taps on the image, a subscription form shows up right in the ad.

7. Instant Experience ads :

It is a full-screen experience. Create Instant Experience ads that visually highlight your products or services. It opens after someone taps the advertisement on a mobile device.

8. Dynamic ads:

It is similar to other dynamic ads. You upload your product catalogue once, then it starts to find people interested in your websites or app. It is advantageous because it automatically promotes business.

9. Canvas ads:

It consists of combining photos, videos, GIFs, text, and CTA buttons. It allows people to click, swipe, scroll and tap to engage people with brands.

Facebook Marketing Strategy:

To develop a well-planned Facebook Marketing Strategy, you have to work on the topic you know best and use Facebook as a source to improve your efficiency. Facebook continues to provide brands and increase business opportunities for maximum visibility when implementing a Facebook Marketing Strategy.

From the resources we get to know that:
(1) 35% wanted to increase brand awareness.
(2) 21% wanted to increase community engagement.
(3) 11% wanted to increase sales and lead generation.

You can think the toughest part is getting started for it, but here we are providing you with 7 practical strategies that will help your Facebook Marketing efforts.

1.Set goals for Facebook:

The first step for any marketing is to set up your goals. It is enough strategy to make sure that your business will be successful or not. If you have already set your goals, then you to following lists which can modify your ideas:

Addressing Your Goals: Here, there are some common goals for business…

  • Increasing the quality of sales: You have to improve your product day by day that will encourage your customers to buy some products or to see your website.
  • More efficient recruiting: This is not an easy job. Working with your productive employees can help you in many aspects.
  • Adding more value to the organization: Facebook provides you, nurture customers, improve awareness, and offers many sources for your audience. So, you have to use this opportunity in the right way.
  • Smarter Growth: You have to increase your business smartly. Your primary target will be growing more social selling.

2. Know your Facebook audience: Understanding one thing on Facebook and who is an important customer (interested in buying your product) to you. This strategy will also help you. Once you are familiar with this, try to know your Facebook demographics using either Facebook page, or you can also use a tool like Sprout.

3. Engage proactively with your audience: Facebook is a great platform where you can converse, discuss, and share content with your audience. If you put conversation and engagement on the back burner, then your business will not be succeeded.
You can help drive Facebook engagement by asking people to engage in the first place only. In this case, Zippo does a great job.

4. Post at the best time on Facebook: Zippo observed the following listed things:
* Wednesday is the highest recommended day to post.
* 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Wednesday is the most engaged time on Facebook.
* You can post weekdays between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Many users are active at that time.
* Sunday is the least engaged day of the week.
* The least recommended time early morning and late night.

You can also notice that observations depending on your Facebook customers. Sprout social is also helpful for determining to determine this.

5. Keep Facebook Ad content fresh: Don’t bore your viewers with clumsy content. So, don’t let your old content ruin on Facebook. Have a good content strategy.

6. Determine your Facebook ads strategy: Advertising in a Facebook simpler, but it is not an easy case. You have to promote your brand through useful ads – you have to keep in mind this point.

Aim for high brand awareness:
(a) Cost-Effective.
(b) Relevant.

Your Facebook ads should be relevant. Try to build an audience that will be fit for your Facebook content.

7. Track and analyze your result: The last and the most critical strategy to analyze your performance in a month. You have to check that your goals are fulfilled or not. And don’t forget to see if there are any complaints from your customers and try to resolve them.

There are many other SEO strategies, but these are some basic strategies that will help beginners for Facebook Marketing.

This content is a small guide for Facebook Marketing. I hope you will get some pieces of information from this, and it will be helpful for you.

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