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How To Gain Customers for Life?

Gain Customers

For a business to be successful, be it small scale or large scale, there are three things which are the primary sources they are your product, you and the most significant of the three is our most honourable customer! If you want life time customers, then follow these golden rules concerning each aspect to provide your utmost service for the goes without say that you will receive 10x times of what you put into your business be it tangible like money or intangible like hard work and your love for the work, you will soon receive them back in abundance! So let’s get started!

Golden Rules Concerning the Product:

  • Quality first. Do not compromise on the quality of the product. This is where we get to show our love for the job, the people and for our life. So let’s never let down our guard on the quality of the product. If we learn to maintain the quality then the rest of the things fall into place easily.

  • The next is affordability. If you are good with quality and the price is very high, people would miss to get an opportunity to know our product as the cost is very high and could be hardly bought by we must first let people know about our products( as we are strong in our quality we know we will have them they moment they buy us for the first time) by selling them initially at an affordable price for a certain while and then we could raise the price slowly. Now people would not mind paying us for now they know us and trust our product! And they would definitely not mind spending a rupee or two for the product they love and trust! (We all know how diary milk raised its price from 5 to 10 gradually. still low at price. Still trusted for the quality. All Indians are its customers)

  • Choice of product. First we must carefully research about the most demanded product in the market. We may find that the most demanded products are already pacified by many competitors and many giant sellers. This is where we must trust our abilities and take the risk. One must give up their fears and create the most demanded products uniquely. This is what we call as innovation. This demands a lot of work but it is magical when implemented! This would ensure definite success as now our product is capable of attracting many people for it has UNBEATABLE QUALITY,EASY AFFORDABILITY AND THE VERY SIGNIFICANT-ATTRACTIVE ELEMENT.

Some Tips for You!

  • Love! To gain customers for life time we must not merely perceive them as customers. Instead we must consider them as our family. We must be concerned about their wants and satisfy their needs with love. Here ‘love’ is to be reflected in the quality of your product and your dedication you take to make the product reach many people! But always remember for what you give, you will receive back the things you gave in abundance! But you must not me expecting, instead you must trust and work hard!
  • Running a business is not as easy as working under an employer, we must be more dedicated and passionate towards them and always want to develop our business and the quality of our product. It is beyond what we call a ‘job’ we must rather see it as a ‘purpose’ and live with it every day! But it is not as hard as it might sound. You naturally develop this when you are passionate towards your job! Moral: be passionate.
  • Patience pays.literally.Giving up does not mean moving to other jobs, giving up also comes in other forms like, enjoying right after you see a profit and letting it loose. This is the biggest mistake a person could ever commit. Do not give into temporary happiness or temporary losses. Neither of them matters before our goal. So instead of spending the money on vacation or for a luxury use, we must use the money for the development of the business. The money could be very much useful when it is re invested again in the business. If a person follows this, he is sure to see a big profit in no time provided, he overcomes the temptation to spend and stays dedicated!

On customers:

Life time customers have the following characteristics. They come back again for the quality of your product. Your produced had made them happy. They need your product for their happiness. There are many kinds of customers like the customers who judge you only by the reputation of the company People often mistakenly believe that reputation is what matters, but it is the other way round.. Quality is what earns the reputation so the former matters than the latter. We must always try to focus on sustaining and making our current customers happy. When the happiness spreads the customers increase and your business grows along as well. Now your business has become a brand. You have earned your reputation and your reputation seeking customers only through quality concerned customers. For, the reputation seeking customers will be only after reputation and will leave any moment another trendy brand emerge. But the people who are here for the product, will be there with you for their life time. So we must always concentrate on delivering the best products that satisfy our customers which will be later backed up by the reputation and good will of the company and it will in turn again increase the profit and scale of the company, earning you more money and giving back the same love which you earlier gave! By this you can have your wonderful customers for your life time and transfer them from generations to generations as your business continues to grow.

Follow these rules and see for yourself how the thorny road to success becomes a surprisingly smooth path! There might be hurdles here and there. Those are meant to be. Fight your way and work your dream! Give shape to the burning desire and passion! Turn your thought to work force. DO.

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