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Beginner's Guide to Reddit marketing

Ultimate Guide for Reddit Marketing

Did you know there are social media platforms other than Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Instagram? All these platforms are a money-making platform. You can also use these platforms for marketing purposes. You might be wrongfully missed one social media platform! That is Reddit.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a community-determined aggregator of content. It was founded on June 23, 2005. It is a popular social media platform where users(Redditors) submit posts. Other customers have to “upvote” or “downvote” it if they like the posts. If an article gets more no of upvotes, it moves up in the Reddit ranking so that more people can see it.

Reddit goes by the slogan, “The front page to the internet.” It connects users of similar interests; they can discuss it so that it is called ‘The front page to the internet”.

You can post videos, posts, texts in Reddit. Reddit’s format is excellent for GIFs so that you can reconstruct your videos into GIF content.

It differs from Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can easily search for people and verified business pages.

Some piece of information about Reddit:

(A) It is an American social news aggregator.
(B) The owner of Reddit is Advance Publications.
(C) Founders are Steve Huffman, Aron Swartz, Alexis Ohanian.
(D) The University of Virginia founded it.
(E) It is written in Python.
(F) From the latest news, you might know that Trump suspended from Twitch as Reddit bans ‘The_Donald’ and new subreddit.

Some terms that are related to Reddit?

If you are new in Reddit, you have to know some terms which are most important in Reddit…

(A) Redditors: The users of Reddit.
(B) Subreddit: A forum published posts on a specific topic on the website Reddit. They are a subsection of Reddit.
(C) Upvote: If you find a post is valuable or interesting for you, then you upvote(which is like)it.
(D) Downvote: If you dislike the post, then you downvote(which is dislike) it.
(E) Quarantined Subreddit: A subreddit will be separated when its contents are to be extremely offensive.

So, they have to maintain some following restrictions:

1. Requiring an account with a verified email address.
2. Requiring an explicit opt-in
3. No customer images.
4. Will generate no ads or Reddit Gold.
So, you don’t post something that is offensive or seems to be offensive indirectly.

Reddit member registration is free, and you can use the website’s essential features. If Redditors can upgrade to Reddit Gold, then have to pay a monthly fee or yearly subscription.

The popularity of Reddit:

Reddit has now surpassed Facebook, and for the users of the United States, it is now the third-most-popular internet destination. According to the rankings published by Amazon subsidiary Alexa, it is the website that tracks and analyzes web traffic.

If active users make Reddit as a platform to promote a business(users can write content on the material, discuss it), it is termed Reddit Marketing.

D.O.'s and DON'Ts is Reddit marketing?

Do’s: You have to follow some guidelines to be an authentic Reddit marketer. We are discussing it in just five steps.

  1. First, you have to target your submissions to the best SubRaddits.
  2. Participate in discussion every day that makes you an active user of Reddit.
  3. You have to prepare a new post.
  4. Make sure that your posts have no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.
  5. Then you publish your content on Reddit.

Don’t: You don’t post something illegal or offensive that makes you unprofessional.

Some strategies that are used by some popular subreddit:

Here we discussed some useful that followed by some popular subreddit. It helps some Redditors to build their community and successful to advertise their business.

#1. Encourage user Submissions: Reddit is a platform where you have to know how to interact with people and engage followers to your brand.
An example helps you to under the scenario.
The sub-resident of a popular car show ‘Top Gear'(their followers called “petrol heads”)engaging their followers by encouraging them to submit their favourite car pictures.
Each week the sub-Reddit group declares the best picture and the name of the person who submitted it. The person’s name will be published in the sidebar of the subreddit.
It helps to build the community among the followers, giving followers a sense of ownership in the city.

#2. Customer Service: You have to improve your customer service day by day. It will be beneficial for you. The significant benefit of improving customer service is that it helps keep customers happy and stay with your brand. Some popular brands will have customers who need help.

The Xbox 360 sub-resident has to provide a place for people to discuss this accessible content. It was a fantastic job done by them. This also helps them to increase the no of customers.

Some strategies that are used by some popular subreddit:

  1. Identify the purpose of the sub-Reddit. So, that customers will understand the topics easily.\
  2. Create a section of helpful links.
  3. You have to create Outline directions.

#3. Create a Network: Anyone can create a subreddit with the right strategy and quickly build a network(several interlinking subreddit).
The following few things can help you to build a sound system:

  1. Have a standard naming convention.
  2. Create standard navigation that links all of the sub-Reddits.
  3. Make sure that all the images and contents are high-quality.

If you have one popular subreddit, it is easier to find another subreddit interested in a similar topic—the benefit of creating this network to engage a large community in your brand and active Reddit community.

#4. Creating News and Calendar: It’s effortless. Brand advocates and followers always want to know the latest news and upcoming events. So, you have to make an updated calendar and league ranking board in the sidebar. You have to do some following steps:

  1. Have a calendar of events.
  2. Display updated news.
  3. Increase the percentage of a goal reached.

The benefit of creating this calendar and events to your followers when they visit, they immediately updated with essential facts and status.

#5. Perform Interviews: It is also beneficial. The main advantage is again to allow the community the opportunity to hear and interact memorably.
We can explain an example: The Breaking Bad subreddit increases theirs by fans involving them by holding interviews with the cast of the show. The actors themselves answered the most popular questions that Redditors wanted to ask.

#6. Creating a community: The most important that you will be a great marketer by creating a healthy, tight-knit community. For this section, we can say the “Game of Thrones” subreddit.

We can create this community by:

(1) Get everyone into character: Game of Thrones subreddit, takes following initiatives to make sure followers get into character, they are

  • Give your followers a name.
  • Make it easy for readers.
  • Provide a link for users to download the wallpapers in the background.

(2) Spoiler Control: You can take the following steps to ensure that their followers don’t get their favourite show spoiled.

  • Have a posting policy.
  • Create theme modes like Normal, Talk only, Mute talk, Show spoilers.
  • Create a spoiler guide and link to it often.

Ten best Reddit apps for Android:

You can use the following apps:

1. BeconReader.
2. Boost for Reddit.
3. Infinity for Reddit.
4. Now for Reddit.
5. Reddit(official app)
6. Reddit is fun.
7. RedReader.
8. Removed for Reddit.
9. Relay for Reddit.
10. Sync for Reddit.

1. BeconReader:

Price: Free/ $1.99

BeconReader is one of the most popular apps for Reddit. You can use its free version or pick up the pro version for $1.99 as a separate app. Features of this pro app are outstanding. It features Material Design Interface, Background themes, and colour-coded comment threads to help make it is easier to use. It also supports some power-user features such as moderator tools, advanced filtering, and multi-account support.

2. Boost for Reddit:

Price: Free/ up to $10.00

It is not as popular as other Reddit apps. It also provides some fantastic features like view switch per subreddit, material design, in-app media previews, filtering, and widget support. You change the font type, size, and colour. You also customize the app with various themes.

3. Infinity for Reddit:

Price: Free

It supports multi-account support, a dark theme, and you can do the usual stuff like comments on threads and other such things. It also includes “Lazy Mode,” where it auto-scrolls through subreddits until you find something interesting. It is entirely free, which is a great advantage.

4. Now for Reddit:

Price: Free/$3.99

It is one of the more accessible apps for using Reddit. It supports various features like file types, Imgur support, and support for Reddit Gold features. You can also browse popular and trending subreddit. There is a free version as well as a pro version. It is useful for those people who need a few helpful features.

5. Reddit (official app):

Price: Free/$3.99 per month/$29.99 per year.

It offers sub-resident management, comments, posting tools, posting tools, Reddit Gold supports, and many more. It’s not as powerful as some third-party apps, but the casual Reddit user can use it.

6. Reddit is fun:

Price: Free/Up to $20.00

It is another fantastic app which includes theming, moderator tools, widget support, and the standard set of features. It has a modern design that was around what is the usual Reddit experience. That means you can see a whole bunch of text.

7. RedReader:

Price: Free

It is like an open-source. It includes no advertising and no tracking. RedReader also supports Imgur albums, gif files, multi-account support, and even a night mode theme(suitable for eyes). There is also tablet support. You can use it depending on what you need.

8. Removed for Reddit:

Price: Free

It uses the site to show your comments, which were generally removed from moderators. This app is used for finding a removed content, share that comment to be removed. This app opens to show you what the original comment said. Removed for Reddit is also open-source and openly free.

9. Relay for Reddit:

Price: Free/$2.99

It is one of the popular apps among all the Reddit apps. It includes a ton of features like moderator features, inline media previews, multi-account support, subreddit filters, spoiler alert support, and customization features.

This app uses Material design as well as a card-based interface. You can get these excellent features for a one-time $2.99 payment.

10. Sync for Reddit:

Price: Free/ $3.99

Sync for Reddit claims to be optimized specifically for the/r/soccer subreddit (if that matters to you) and features an entirely Material design interface. It gives us great features like multi-window support, multi-account support, and a night theme (with a separate AMOLED feature). It supports Android Nougat. It works quite well most of the time.

Demographics of Reddit:

In 2016, the Reddit users were about 64 per cent between the ages of 18 and 29. And another 29 percent were between the age gap of 30 and 49.
Only 6 percent of Reddit users are between 50 and 64 pages. Just a single percentage were 65 or older.

  1.  It generates 168 billion+ views each year.
  2.  Reddit is the 5th most popular social media platform in the U.S.
  3.  54% of viewers are from the U.S.
  4.  Average visitors spend 16minutes or more in Reddit.
  5.  70% of people use Reddit on their mobile phones.
  6.  69% of American Reddit users are male.
  7.  25-34 years old have Reddit in America.
  8.  31% of google searches for ‘Reddit.’ This was a part of the search query “Game of Thrones Reddit.”

Reddit Karma: It is an accumulation of “Goodwill” you receive when users upvote your posts or comments.
It has two types:

  1. One for links
  2. One for comments.
    Both are displayed on user users profiles in the right-handed corner.

This SEO guide was helpful for new users in Reddit, and they will explore some new content, participate in a community, and share the best things

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