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Role of Colors in Designing the Website

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A case study showed that altering and balancing colour while designing your website can boost conversions by 24%. this can be something that’s often overlooked. One cannot imagine how powerful an internet site with the right selection of colors are often for your business.

Selecting suitable colors can draw attention, express intent, create excitement, push conversions, and even earn a customer’s loyalty. Good color selections take thoughtful planning and, when done right, can impact how the audience interprets what they see the maximum amount because the layout and copywriting. We have mowed down a number of the vital basics of color in website design to grasp how you’ll be able to use color to optimize results and influence your visitors.

When I designed my first project, truthfully, I had lots of trouble picking out the correct colors. Most of the color combinations I chose initially didn’t look good because they weren’t complimenting one another. Later, after I began to study color schemes, i used to be amazed to find out the impact they need on human higher cognitive process, which provides huge opportunities for businesses to plug and sell their products. Also, I learned that colors have many psychological effects on human behavior when it involves choosing and buying a product. Hence, branding your website with the correct colors can generate more traffic and result in more sales. during this blog, i’ll share the knowledge that i’ve got obtained in my journey. My goal is for readers to know the fundamentals of color theory and color psychology. By the top of this blog post, you may know why popular websites like Facebook, Instagram, and lots of more have chosen specific color schemes for his or her brands and websites. Let’s begin!

What is color?

In simple words, color may be a source of sunshine and it’s seen either directly or reflectively. Color is that the most vital element of the planning and it’d not be untrue to state that it’s indeed very challenging to grasp. It plays a large role in our day to day life from picking out your outfit to selecting the color of your company’s brand. Colors we wear can affect our mood, as an example, autumn colors like orange and yellow bring happiness and red color is more common during festive seasons. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have carefully selected their color schemes that have a significant impact on building their popularity over time. Let’s take Facebook as an example — Facebook uses blue as its dominant color, which is viewed as calm and trustworthy. By using blue, the corporate provides a way of peace and security to its users. The psychological impact that blue color has on their audience is that it makes them stay their site and keep coming for more. Later we are going to dig deeper to be told about more psychological effects of various colors.

The Role of color in Designing Websites

Colors Increase Brand Recognition

Not sure what a “brand” is? Here’s a decent summary: “Brand is that the aggregation of how someone perceives a specific organization. Branding is about shaping that perception.”- Ashley Friedlein In the world of business, branding could be a big deal, and an enormous a part of branding is what we call “color branding”. Color branding is just using colors to assist build a picture for a corporation or influence how people perceive a corporation.

So for example a giant processing company wants to be viewed as dependable and trustworthy by their customer or potential customers, they may opt for “formal” colors like blue and gray. If a hotel company wants to be perceived as luxurious, they could choose black, gold or silver. We’ll talk more about what colors to use to create people feel a specific way, but straight away I just want to emphasise the crucial role of colourize branding with this statistic:

Color can increase brand recognition by up to 80%

Eighty percent could be a big number and this puts more responsibility on how you, as an online designer/developer, execute color branding on your clients’ websites.

Colors ensure Elements Stand Out

If you would like to draw attention to a button or a particular section, (I hope) you don’t often bonk using large arrows or flashing neon lights. You do it with colors. Color is commonly won’t to highlight elements like buttons, important texts, and subsections. CTA buttons are buttons that incentivise action wish to buy a product, register for a free trial or download an eBook.

Marketers actually bear plenty of knowledge and tests to urge the correct CTA button copy, color, size, and position. Why undergo most hassle? Because having a far better CTA button means more business.

Colors Influence How People Feel About Your Website

On the subconscious level, color impacts people’s perception quite we predict. This is the most precept of color psychology. Research by the Institute for Color Research reveals that folks make a subconscious assessment of an environment, person, or product within 90 seconds of initial viewing – and between 62% and 90% of that assessment is predicated on color alone. Colors have different impacts on our perception and your choice of color can significantly impact users’ first impression on your client’s brand and overall experience on the web site.

The way you utilize color can increase or decrease people’s trust on the web site and switch them into loyal customers or not.


A combination may be a powerful tool in building a successful website. Colors are wont to get your business noticed and to attach along with your clients. they’re an emotional expression of human personality. They hold an excellent amount of power to influence the audience’s feelings and behaviors. Colors make people subconsciously draw feelings and thoughts. Now with this data, you’ve got the ability of constructing an impression and influencing the human mind for the greater good.

Colours are everywhere, and when applied accurately, they will support any emotion or action you’d like from your audience. While colours present a necessary element in web design, they’re not the sole website design solution. Colour theory is simply one part amongst many who should be considered when designing your website. Now you recognize how colours can perform a vital role in your website and logo by helping your brand get noticed and connect together with your audience.

Colour may be a passionate representation of human personality. It holds a big influence on the audience’s feelings and behaviours and may make viewers subconsciously uncover feelings and thoughts. With this data, you’ll be able to create a bearing and influence the human mind to learn your business. Practice colour psychology as your guidepost, but don’t be hesitant to trust your artistic abilities.

Thank you for reading.

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