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New to SEO? Start here. A prominent SEO service provider, Digital WoM, is the best option. We provide SEO training to students, beginners and small business owners.

What is SEO consulting?

SEO consulting is a vast domain. It includes services, tools and training from a search marketing specialist. These experts help your business by demonstrating expertise, authority and industry-wide trust in search engine optimization.

Consulting projects are elaborate processes and can typically range from 3 to 6 months in duration. They are sometimes shorter or longer depending on the size of the business and its campaign. Once the overall goal is reached, the company will address another short-term SEO scopes or mover over to a new marketing initiative.

How does a SEO consultant assist you?

How does a SEO consultant assist you?​

A website has to be search engine friendly in order to rank well. A SEO consultant guides  you through all the steps to help you expand your website. Here are some of the factors with which your SEO  consulting company can help you.

Understanding Marketing Objectives

Understanding Marketing Objectives​

A consultant will help you in understanding the customer’s search marketing goals, competitive position in the industry, business niche, brand awareness, and advantages of brand competitiveness. They help you in setting search marketing goals that are easy, measurable, and achievable.

Web Page Optimization​​

Web Page Optimization​

A consultant will help you in enhancing on-page SEO elements (like H-tags, Images, Text Structure & Formatting). They also help in organizing website content into hierarchies.

Keyword Research & Analysis​​

Keyword Research & Analysis​

A consultant will guide you through keyword discovery and strategy for keyword targeting. They help in recognizing potential keyword targets with lesser competition, high visibility and high commercial value. They also provide you with alternative search terms and questions.

Attain Higher Google Rankings​​​

Attain Higher Google Rankings​​

You also receive help in reaching Google top ten rankings position. A consultant will set up the right keywords, title and description for an effective SEO strategy.

Focus on user experience​

Focus on user experience​

Optimizing and improving your website to enhance visitor experience, is crucial. A consultant will focus on decreasing the rate of page abandonment, increasing its view and visitors dwell time. With a proper strategy enhance your page’s click through rates. They also discuss the benefits of using rich content and media for your page.

Comprehensive website audit​

Comprehensive website audit​

Audit, test, and diagnose your website’s shortcoming with a consultant’s help. They tackle the visibility issues of your page. Not only that, they also help in checking your website security.

Complete an online competitive analysis

Complete an online competitive analysis​

A consultant determines the strengths and weaknesses of your website. They also compare backlink profiles. Consultants use resources such as,, and to enhance your website.

Know SEO industry trends​

Know SEO industry trends​

A consultant will keep you updated about best SEO practices, and Google algorithm updates. With their help, you will understand what works and what doesn’t work for your website. They use their advanced expertise and knowledge to avoid shortcomings.

Why should you connect with us for SEO consultations?

The SEO industry is ever changing. This is because of the fact that Google and other search engines are always updating their algorithms or ranking factors to stop spam and other shady tactics. When it comes to search engine optimization, there are a lot of things that can go right or wrong. At Digital Wom, we will help you in avoiding small mistakes that will cost your business some setbacks.

Just one mistake can overshadow your efforts and completely ruin your rankings, get you fined, or even banned. So, a true SEO expert will stay on top in order to be up to date with the industry at all times. Therefore we suggest you pick someone who will make it easier for you.

Why should you connect with us for SEO consultations?