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Video Content Marketing has been evolving over the past 2 decades or so. There used to be door-to-door visits and advertisements on newspapers, billboards, etc. to advertise a product in the past.

Now, with the introduction of the internet, digital content marketing has been on the rise. The newest element of content marketing is video marketing

Video content marketing, though still new, is now the best way to display video content to your targeted audience to attract, engage, and convert potential leads.

It’s is all about creating a new marketing strategy that would focus on creating and distributing relevant video content with a target audience. This helps to create video content that is engaging, compelling and also produces qualified leads.

Because many people prefer time-saving tactics such as reading, shopping, or visiting before taking any action, you must pay attention to how your videos rank, how many people follow you, how many people watch your videos, or how many people read your blogs in today’s digital marketing world. Video content marketing is cost-effective as well. You can shoot 4k videos with your smartphone easily!

Types of Videos you can Create for Video Content Marketing

Before making a video, you should know the types of videos you can create for video content marketing: –

1. Demo Video 

You can create a demo video of the product or service you offer. A demo video consists of the technical know-how of the product and how your product works.

2. Brand Video

This is a video created for showcasing your brand. It consists of your company’s mission, vision, information, and how your company will help people and make their life easier.

3. Event Videos 

Event videos consist of various fundraisers, round table conferences, or a new product launching event. These videos help in engaging your audience.

4. Education or How-To Videos

These videos are made to give information about the new and upcoming or the existing products to help the customers understand them better. 

5. Animated Videos

These videos have been on the rise in the past 5 years or so. Animated videos provide more clarity on the technical aspects of your product and the working of your product.

6. 360-Degree Videos

If you are a realtor, 360-degree videos are the best way to show around the house online. 360-degree videos allow the viewer to see everything they want to see in the product.

How to Make a Video for Video Content Marketing

Making a video is not just about pressing record on your smartphone or camera, a lot of work goes through in the process of making an effective video: –

1. Plan your Video

Understand what is the purpose of making the video and what is your target audience? What success will the video bring to your company? What is the type of video you want to produce? What is the budget?

Discuss these questions with your employees or shareholders. Once you get the answers to all these questions, you can start working on the script of the video for video content marketing.

2. Prepare the Script

Preparing the script is the next step in the video-making process. 

You should prepare the script just like you make content for your websites. Identify key points and be creative. The video should entertain as well as inform the viewers about your product or service. 

Once you write the script, show it to a writer or your employees before deciding to shoot the video.

3. Set up your studio

Setting up your studio is all about finding the environment which best suits the script.

You can either find such an environment or produce it in an office of the company’s building. Arrange the required cameras, lighting equipment, audio equipment, tripod for the cameras, etc.

Set up your studio and bring your script to life.

4. Prepare or Find the Talent for Video Content Marketing

If your company has decent actors, you are lucky. You can prepare them so that they can perform well in the video. If not, then you may have to hire actors or perform yourselves! 

Performing in front of a camera is not easy. Even if you have a talented staff, do not ask them to memorize the script. Instead, record in short clips so that they do not have to read the whole script at once!

5. Shoot the Video and Edit it for Video Content Marketing

Now, it is time to shoot the video! Choose your camera. You can either get a DSLR or just shoot it with your smartphone according to your budget. Place the smartphone on the tripod to make sure you get a stable high-quality video.

Another thing to keep in mind while doing video content marketing is to shoot for the edit. Shoot the video smartly in short clips and then hand them over to the editing team or edit them yourself. Shooting for the edit will save valuable time that you can devote elsewhere.

Make sure to add music or voice-over (as a narrator) while editing the video to make it more engaging.

Grab your cameras and shoot!

Importance and Benefits of Video Content Marketing

The impact of video content marketing is much more than we all know. In this digital era, most of us prefer to purchase online after seeing video content, suggested ads, etc. 

One of the main reasons why we get engaged or sometimes attracted to the images or videos of the product as users are because of the video content, the quality, and how it is delivered to our audience.

To know how it works or how it engages the audience or customers, let’s look into the following. Studies have lately said that video content marketing has a great impact in engaging audiences and prompting them to purchase or lead to engaging in your websites.

Let us look into the benefits of video content marketing and see how it helps us:

  1. The best form to convey your content Studies have shown that visual content is more engaging, and they have more impact than audio or image content. Video content is one of the best forms to convey your content.
  2. Increases Conversion Rates– Engaging video content, leads to more traffic, more sales, to more conversion rates. It’s one of SEO’s favorites.
  3. Engages audience– As mentioned earlier, video content happens to be the most engaging form with the audience. Having good video content, which would keep them engaged, is good for business goals, as they watch your content, get engaged in your content, which leads to purchasing and visiting your site.

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