Advanced Digital Marketing Certification

4 Courses in One Program
120+ Hours of training program 

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Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Program

Course 1

Digital Marketing (Core Modules)

Course 1

Digital Marketing (Core Modules)

Course 1

Digital Marketing (Core Modules)

Course 1

Digital Marketing (Core Modules)

About Program

This one-of-its-kind program is designed to help you hone your digital marketing skills. Whether you’re looking to land your dream digital marketing job or promote your business on social media, we’ve got you covered. Become an expert digital marketer with insider tips on lead generation, brand-building, and much more.

Why Digital Marketing?

For starters, today’s businesses are increasingly shifting their ad spend towards digital marketing campaigns. Yet, when it comes to finding experienced digital marketers who know what they’re doing, there’s a huge skill shortage in the current market.This makes digital marketing one of the most lucrative career options for the modern generation. And the demand for skilled digital marketers is projected to skyrocket in the future.

Why Advanced Digital Marketing at Kallada Academy?

Kallada Academy’s Advanced Digital Marketing Program is perfect for launching a thriving and rewarding career in digital marketing.

Training Objective

We’ve designed the Advanced Digital Marketing program with two key objectives.

Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Program

Students / Job Seeker

Why Digital Marketing?

  • In-demand profession with serious skill shortage
  • Excellent scope of professional growth
  • Great earning potential (better than other professions)
  • Plenty of opportunities to earn money as a freelancer too

Students / Job Seeker

Why Digital Marketing?

  • Diversify your skills to climb up the corporate ladder
  • Ample opportunities to make a living while working independently
  • Hand-on experience of working on high-performing projects
  • Scope of changing your career trajectory

Students / Job Seeker

Why Digital Marketing?

  • High ROI with long-term results
  • Precise targeting and wider reach
  • Affordable and scalable solution for businesses of all sizes
  • Generate leads, acquire customers, and build your brand, even on a shoestring marketing budget

Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Program

Course 1

Digital Marketing(Core Modules)

In this course, you will get the practical exposure of Digital Marketing. You would be creating a website and promoting it practically in the training program itself using Digital Marketing measure like- Search Engine, Social media, Google Ads, Email-Marketing, Lead-generation etc.

1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals

2. Website Planning and Creation

3. Graphic Design For Digital Marketers

4. Facebook Marketing

5. Instagram Marketing

6. Snapchat Marketing

7. Twitter Marketing

8. Quora Marketing

9. LinkedIn Marketing

10. Snapchat Marketing

11. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

12. Whatsapp Marketing

13. Email Marketing

14. Competitors Analysis on Google

15. Google Ads

16. Bing Ads

17. Blogging

18. Affiliate Marketing

19. Google Analytics

Course 2


In this module, you would be taught the Advanced optimization strategies known to few by the founders & co-founders of renowned companies. This course makes you stand apart from the whole crowd & real Digital Marketing Experts.

1. Messenger Automation

2. Whatsapp And SMS Automation

3. Lead Generation

4. Blackhat SEO

5. Digital Marketing Competitor Analysis

6. Social Media Strategy

7. Digital Marketing Planning and Proposals

Course 3

Placement Enhancement Program

Learn from a wide range of topics that helps you to meet your career goals.

1. Interview Preparations

2. Mock Interviews

3. Digital CV Building

4. Soft Skill Training For Interviews

5. Tricks To Stand Out In Your Interviews

7. Finding and Approaching HR’s On LinkedIn

Course 4


Learn on how to make real money with affiliate marketing & blogging and tips and tricks on how to build your affiliate network.

Different Freelancing Opportunities In Digital Marketing

Finding Freelancing Opportunities

Sending Digital Marketng Proposals

Building a Personal Brand

Accounting For Freelancers

Talking To Clients – Ettiquetts

Starting a Digital Marketing Agency

Best-in-Class Tools

Get the hands-on experience of working with top-rated industry-standard digital marketing tools, including:

Training Process

Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Program

Step 1

We’ll kickstart the training by handholding you through the process of designing your own website or blog from scratch.

Step 2

Learn to implement various digital marketing techniques, such as SEO, PPC, etc., on your website/blog.

Step 3

Get a glimpse of the more advanced digital marketing techniques that are often used by proponents of the industry.

Step 4

Moving to Affiliate Masterclasses, you’ll learn to earn a steady flow of passive income from your website/blog.

Step 5

Take a few simple tests to assess your progress and get those much-awaited certifications.

Training Outcomes

Training outcomes for Job seekers

By the end of the training program you will be able to:

  • Identify and implement the right tools and techniques to run, monitor, and measure digital marketing campaigns
  • Perform competitor analysis and identify emerging market trends in any industry
  • Manage the online reputation of your clients
  • Earn passive income through blogging and affiliate marketing
  • Combine different digital marketing techniques, such as email marketing, SEO, content marketing, etc., for the best results

Training outcomes for Working professional

  • Develop adequate expertise to build and deploy digital marketing campaigns for your company and clients
  • Amp up your social media game and build an audience for your brand
  • Use content marketing, growth hacking, and other inbound strategies to attract and engage your audience
  • Outline a robust SEO strategy to skyrocket organic traffic to any website
  • Inculcate the confidence and determination to work with senior-level decision-make

Training outcomes for Business Owners

  • Amplify your brand awareness across multiple online platforms
  • Use content marketing, SEO, and PPC to drive targeted traffic to your website and acquire new customers
  • Use social media platforms, search engines, and other digital marketing channels to generate leads and drive sales
  • Monitor, measure, and maximize the ROI of your digital marketing campaigns
  • Stay abreast of the latest digital marketing trends and tweak your campaigns accordingly