SEO for Automobile Industry

Seo for Automobile Industry


You may have crafted captivating offers, incorporated catchy branding solutions, and employed direct mailing to spice up your automotive business. But there’s still the most ingredient that separates leaders and normal businesses within the automotive industry. And if you’ve got already tried, it does better to spice up your SEO game.

It’s awesome that you’re here. Especially during a period when the automotive industry is dwindling downwards, the correct SEO strategy is very helpful. The Automotive industry faced its worst-ever performances within the first and second quarters of 2020 with declining car sales because of the Corona pandemic. New car sales within the EU, UK, and EFTA were 43% lower during the primary five months of 2020. Within the amount, a 53% car sales call in May provided a sigh of relief from the initial 78% decline in April. There are reasonable suggestions that things will restore because the global pandemic softens. it’s therefore critical to boosting traffic to your website since an appropriate SEO for the automotive industry can have huge impacts on your profit margins.

In this guide, we dive into effective SEO for automotive industry.

What is Automobile SEO, exactly?

Basically, SEO for the automotive industry is that the process of building an internet site tailored for your dealership through: optimization, link-building, content customization, and other efforts relevant to customers who want to get a car or just gain information a few particular make or model.

Automotive SEO modifies the relevancy of navigation links, meta-tags, headlines, content, and keywords to assist your dealership website rank higher in program result pages (SERPs).

Search Engine Optimization features a lot of moving parts that may intimidate even experienced marketing professionals. The team at Dealer Authority has bumper-to-bumper knowledge of automotive SEO. Give us a call, and we’ll start immediately on a technique which will deliver customers to your showroom.

SEO v/s Traditional Marketing 

SEO is an incredibly powerful, precision marketing tool. Unlike other broadcast marketing (mailers, television, radio, newspapers), you’ll be able to reach potential new customers with pinpoint accuracy.

For example, a television advertisement for your dealership is broadcast across a good area. While it’s a broad reach, not everyone watching TV is inquisitive about buying a car, so you’re trying to grab that elusive needle within the haystack. However, a good automotive SEO strategy can target those who are actively trying to find a selected vehicle through the utilization of keywords. 

Your dealership is more likely to draw in shoppers who covert to buyers with content after you give them what they’re trying to find. Content that has keywords like “Chevy Corvette Richmond VA” goes to form your dealership’s website infinitely easier for a client in your market area who is trying to find their dream car. But one thing you’ll have to detain mind is SEO is an ever-changing playing field. 

While traditional advertising mediums have remained relatively unchanged for many years, search engines like Google continually make adjustments to their algorithms. These changes are intended to create program results more relevant to users but are often a challenge for busy marketing professionals to stay up with.

At Dealer Authority, we make it our business to remain on top of each new tweak search engines make to their algorithm, so our dealerships don’t get left within the dust.

Why should Dealers use SEO ?

SEO for the automotive industry is meant specifically to extend the likelihood that your dealership are found by consumers who are literally within the marketplace for a brand new or used car by targeting the keywords used throughout the research and buying process. Google has very strict and specific guidelines for ranking websites. By using SEO, dealers can improve the probabilities of their dealership ranking in SERPs. By following Google’s protocols, you’ll also improve the relevance and quality of your website.

This, in turn, helps boost your exposure to your target market, leading to increased website traffic and more sales and conversions.

Remember: only 1 dealer can show up for the #1 spot for any specific query on Google and other search engines. That spot (and the subsequent spots on Page 1 of Google) will receive the majority of the traffic from consumers, and thus more sales compared to the competition.

Our team of SEO experts here at Dealer Authority has the knowledge and knowledge to rank your dealership on it first page.

Why You Need Real Automotive SEO ?

The reason automotive SEO is such an important a part of your car dealership’s digital marketing strategy is because it provides a competitive advantage over the competition. While you may buy more and more air time and ad space compared to other auto dealers, all you’re doing is reaching bent on the general public in hopes of finding people within the marketplace for a car. and that we all understand how people feel about traditional advertising, likewise as how easy it’s to ignore.

What’s more, the overwhelming majority of dealer websites out there still fail to execute anything remotely resembling an automotive SEO strategy. Many go a step further and implement practices that directly violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines! SEO designed specifically for car dealers increases the likelihood that your dealership are found by consumers who are within the marketplace for a replacement or used car by targeting the keywords used throughout the research and buying process. you will be best served that specialize in the precise brand of car you sell first, as buyers who are looking for a particular sort of dealership are typically further into the buying process than someone simply searching for “car dealerships.” the rationale this is often so important is because only 1 dealer can show up for the #1 spot for any specific query on Google and other search engines. That spot will receive the majority of the traffic from consumers, and thus more sales when put next to the competition. And with over 200 ranking factors in 2018 its important to figure with an organization that understands over just today’s short-cuts or quick fixes.

Guide for Automobile SEO as an Integral part of Your Dealerships Digital Marketing

SEO integrates together with your social media and pay-per-click advertising to make a good, cohesive digital marketing strategy.

Automotive SEO ties in with all of the content on your website (landing pages, blog posts, videos) and social media to spice up your site’s rankings and keep your dealership top of mind when someone is prepared to buy for his or her next car.

Did you recognize that folks are more likely to browse and shop using their tablets and smartphones than their computers? If your dealership website isn’t optimized for mobile, you’ll be losing valuable customers to your competition. Our experts can evaluate your Mobile SEO and offer solutions to create your site fast and responsive on mobile devices.

Your dealership team prides itself on its involvement within the community. Make it easy for your neighbors to search out you after they want to shop for a car! We’ll facilitate your up to your Local SEO game by ensuring all of your online business listings are claimed and optimized.

Site crawling sounds creepy, but it’s a vital component of your site’s ranking. Search engines crawl websites and index that information to use on computer programme results pages (SERPs). Broken links and missing pages can tank your site’s ranking. We’ll facilitate your identify and fix these problem areas so your site is in tip-top shape the following time the crawlers come around.

Through Selection of Keywords

To conduct a successful automotive SEO, proper selection for the target keywords is exceptionally essential.

It is recommended that you just research deeper to search out the keywords that correspond with search queries entered by potential buyers. as an example, there are about 580 unique keywords for the “car dealership” keyword. Place the keywords in your content, headers, titles, and Meta description.

You must avoid keyword stuffing because it makes your content unnatural and Google can penalize you for this. Long-tail SEO (using precise phrases tailored to a selected car model, equipment, or engine) is more beneficial than doing 7 SEO for brief and highly competitive keywords.

Appropriate selection of keywords is extremely important when doing automotive SEO. because of high competitiveness, it’s advisable to delve deeper into the topic and choose keywords that correspond to look queries entered by potential buyers. Imagine that you’re a customer and think what you’d type into Google when attempting to find given services or products. Use available tools like Semstorm or Senuto.

Long-tail SEO usually works best in such cases. Using precise phrases tailored to a specific car model, equipment or engine type is way more beneficial than doing SEO for brief and highly competitive keywords. Such an approach is additionally an excellent solution for tiny, local companies like car servicing and workshops. Place keywords not only within the content of your website but also in headers, titles and meta descriptions.

Quality Content

Unique and quality content is taken into account one among the foremost important elements of any SEO strategy, especially within the automotive industry.

To create quality content, provide detailed information about your cars or services.

Implement the keywords naturally and keep it one-of-a-kind. Also, make your article more eye-catching, and reader-friendly.

Your website text should be adopted to users and not computer program robots. Always attempt to write simply and avoid using ambiguous words. you’ll be able to also use available formatting options, paragraphs, and headings to create your content more interesting.

The creation of unique and relevant content is one amongst the foremost prominent elements of any SEO strategy in every industry, including the automotive one. confirm that the give you present provides reliable and detailed information about available cars or services. Properly prepared content can facilitate your increase the position of your website within the search results.

First and foremost, texts on your website should be adapted to users, not program robots. Implement keywords in an exceedingly natural way and confirm that your whole content is one-of-a-kind. other than being substantive, your texts should also catch the attention of readers. cash in of accessible formatting options, paragraphs, and headings. Quality content-marketing contributes to winning new customers and increasing traffic to the positioning.

Appealing Graphics And Photos

In the automotive industry, top car dealers know the importance of appealing graphics and photos as customers care about reliable vehicle pictures.

Have you noticed that Google normally displays images at the highest search? you want to therefore consider proper image optimization for better SEO results.

Add contents on your ALT attribute. Graphics without Alternative descriptions are usually of no use as google can’t be able to analyze the content. Google only takes texts surrounding the photos.

Car dealers are perfectly aware that customers care about reliable vehicle pictures. High-quality graphics are an important element of each paper catalog, no matter the car brand or model. the identical principle applies to websites, however, during this case, it’s also necessary to recollect proper image optimization.

Leaving your ALT attribute blank may be a critical mistake while performing SEO activities. Alternative descriptions are of key importance – if you don’t provide them, Google will see the graphics but won’t be able to analyze their content, therefore, the robots will take into consideration only texts surrounding the photos.

Blogs, Vlogs, and Tutorials

Nowadays, customers are keen on first learning about products or services before conducting a sale. The concept is important when it involves automobiles since they’re costly and customers don’t buy them frequently as compared to the opposite products.

To tap from these, a blog, vlog, or tutorial is that the ideal solution.

You can advertise your cars and services through your blogs. you’ll also influence your potential buyers to go to your store by creating creative content and videos. you’ll be able to impress your buyers by expressing your expertise and skills within the field of car repair by making vlogs on them.

Modern customers usually try and learn the maximum amount as possible before purchasing any product or service.

In the automotive industry, a corporation blog is a perfect channel for advertising offered services and cars. the employment of creative content and videos can facilitate your influence potential customers and ensure that they’ll be willing to go to your store again. Videos and tutorials with tips are particularly great solutions for car servicing and workshops. Vlogs allow you to indicate off your expertise and skills within the field of auto repair due to which recipients will perceive you as more trustworthy.

Quality content improves not only your brand image and position on Google but also traffic to the web site, which consequently translates into the next conversion rate.

Moreover, the constant development of your website content enables you to expand the quantity of keywords.

Local SEO for the Automotive Industry

When it involves the automotive industry, local SEO is especially beneficial within the case of small car workshops, servicing or used-car lots. People willing to repair old cars usually choose auto mechanics that are closed to them as this solution allows them to save lots of both money and time.

Local SEO focuses on specific areas, therefore, fixing Google My Business profile could be a must during this case. because of it, users are ready to easily and quickly access information concerning your opening hours, check addresses and directions, or read customer reviews. If your company has several departments, confirm your Google My Business profile provides addresses to any or all of them.


Link-building involves including high-quality links to a site.

It enables the positioning to attain a far better reputation from Google since the program uses links as a sign of quality, reputation, and authority.

Search engines use sites with high-quality links as an indication of originality for advanced ranking algorithms.

There are various techniques to use when link building. However, it is a difficult task as it’s pretty time-consuming. So, if you’ll} able to build a high-quality link to your site, it can keep you before the competition.

Semantic Search Results

Semantic Indexing or LSI is another vital a part of SEO. It describes how search engines relate hidden or latent meanings when it’s connected with certain words. for instance, “luxurious” and “car” have different meanings as individual words but it becomes clear when these words are joined together as “luxurious cars”.

To conduct LSI, you ought to recognize the topics you would like to be found for. it’s also essential to grasp a way to relay to definite sub-topics. Though you can’t directly optimize for LSI search terms, you’ll be able to use it to acknowledge related phrases and sub-topics.

Google My Business

You can enlist your business with Google My Business and appear within the local search results.

To do so, open a Google My Business account free by filling through the needed information like your dealership’s official name, address, signal, operating hours, website URL, etc. and when someone searches for a dealer locally, Google will show your business.

You must maintain your profile to induce an improved result. Maintenance involves answering customer’s questions, and reviews, updating event hours, holidays, and unexpected closures. Moreover, you ought to also add the most recent pictures and event updates to maximize the ends up in your favor.

Video for SEO Marketing

According to recent statistics from Google, over 75% of automobile buyers said that online video influenced their shopping habits or purchases.

This brings rapid changes within the advertising policies of the automotive industry. Research obsessed consumers discover new vehicles by watching online video. Moreover, they compare the varieties among the available options and potential purchases.

Optimize Every Element

SEO for the car automotive industry doesn’t stop at adding keywords and phrases to your copy. Using the identical keywords too often can make your copy dull and poor. It may reduce your visitors.

You can increase your visitors and google rankings by adding your keywords in other places just like the alternate text of photos, URLs, title tags, and therefore the Meta descriptions related to each page. you must apply this strategy in any blog posts and articles you write. Your site will rank higher with the frequency of using keywords. But confirm that your copy is natural. you will attempt to optimize many pages for better rankings.

Track and Monitor SEO Results

Check whether the chosen keywords increase website traffic, program rankings, or not.

You must take initiatives to trace and monitor your automobile company’s SEO results. If your current keywords fail to bring the expected results, you ought to give more effort to enhance the results. you’ll also improve your weaknesses by tracking and monitoring success.

Successful car dealers are at the highest of computer program results. But it’s not a simple task to be there.

You must know everything on a way to do SEO for car dealers by optimizing your website, social media pages, and blogs. As SEO is an on-going process, you simply have to constantly develop your content and techniques to urge the simplest results.

Automobile SEO Pros and Cons


  • Automotive websites are less likely to capture the interest of “window shoppers”.
  • The search volume for your products is probably going much up to the search volume for consumer-friendly products, especially taking the more general-interest searches into consideration.
  • Depending on what you sell, upsell and cross-sell opportunities is also limited. You wouldn’t be ready to sell Volkswagen key fobs to someone who just bought Jeep headlights.


  • Your highly-specific keywords are lower competition than other keywords, thus easier to rank for.
  • Your search audience is high-intent and prepared to convert. Compare the searcher who needs a replacement VW key fob to the one who might buy a t-shirt if they see one they like.
  • Your large product catalog means you’ll be able to pull in traffic employing a wide net of individual low-volume, low-competition keywords, the variety of this net keeps you safe. If you stop seeing traffic for a selected keyword, it’s unlikely impact you a revenue unless all of your keywords slip directly (which would indicate a much bigger problem).  
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