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Beginner's Guide to Whatsapp marketing

‘Whatsapp’ is the most popular alternative to SMS in 109 countries. Around 60% of the
world.’Whatsapp’ was created in 2009 by two ex-Yahoo employees.’Whatsapp’ is now another way to
promote business or brand or service. It is text-based, has more users than Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter,
and Pinterest combined. Nowadays, Whatsapp is globally accessible, so marketers start their business
through Whatsapp.

Some pieces of information about Whatsapp:

Whatsapp is an SMS-based platform. From the recent studies we get to know that:

1. Whatsapp passed the one billion user marks this year, reaching every corner of the world(except

2. The average SMS text has a 98% open rate.

3. Whatsapp can hit 450 million monthly users faster than any company in existence.

4. It was a significant acquisition in the history of Silicon Valley. It was 20x more extensive than the
Instagram acquisition.

What is Whatsapp Marketing?

Whatsapp Marketing is a rapid method of digital marketing your products or service or brands on
brands. It is possible by sending messages, videos, or images to your customers. You can share files, and
it also supports free voice and video calls.

A mayonnaise brand called hellman in Brazil used Whatsapp marketing to increase brand exposure and

The outcome of that 13,000 registrations and the user spending, on average 65 times interacting with
the chef on Whatsapp, which in today’s world is a lot of time spent interacting on a marketing campaign.

How to download Whatsapp for Android and iPhone?

For android phones, Whatsapp is currently available in Google Play Store. You have to download it. For
iPhone, this app is under development and will be available soon on iStore.

How is WhatsApp Marketing done?

Whatsapp marketing is nothing but creating different groups where you advertise your product and
being active on it. The following few steps you have to follow:

(1) Create a group(similar to creating a friend’s group) and share your promotional messages. Keep
a point in mind, don’t spam it.

(2) There is software available in the market that can do this for you. Just provide contact’s no list
and write your messages to promote the product. These messages must be written professionally.

(3) Few people will get to know about the product. If products and services resemble get well and
good, then you have to provide the best services among your competitors.

Whatsapp is used in three different ways to share information.

1. Chat
3.Broadcast Lists.

1. Chats[You and me]:

As the name suggests, you can chat with only one person in your phone’s contact.
Another feature that makes WhatsApp useful you can video call also. There is another facility that is
sending audio messages.

2. Group[You, Me and All]:

You can create a group in a group consisting of a maximum of 256 people. You can share your product
details, reviews, photos, messages, and videos, which will increase your number of customers.

3. Broadcast List[Blow your Trumpet]:

Broadcasting any messages on WhatsApp will help your contact see the word as a ‘Standard’
message. However, it consists of a maximum of 256 people.

How do you advertise on Whatsapp?

You have to promote your Ads that are related to Traffic, Website Conversations, or Message objectives.
You have to follow the following steps:

(1) In the message destination section, select Whatsapp Business.

(2) Choose your contact list with whom you have to share your Ad.

(3)In the Ad section, choose the images, text, and headline for your Ad.

(4)Finally, Click confirm to publish.

Is WhatsApp paid for advertisement?

Whatsapp does not earn anything for advertising. They just wanted to create an instant messaging app
for the people and not for the big companies to place ads.

Whatsapp Business-Whatsapp launched a separate app designed for use by the small business to or
easily connect with people(customers). You can use your WhatsApp Business and Whatsapp messenger
on the same device and registered with different numbers. It is also free to download.

Ten reasons why your marketing strategy must include WhatsApp:

It is a free app where users can text, call, video call, send images, or other files via mobile or laptop. It
provides end-to-end encryption, so the messages kept secure and safe. It is a text-based platform where
people can share their photos or news with others. Whatsapp is going to be your best platform because
42 percent of smartphone owners between 18 and 29 prefer messaging via WhatsApp than 19% of
smartphone owners 50 and 50+.

Most marketers think it is challenging to increase the numbers of the audience in WhatsApp. With other
information (like email address, contact numbers, and others), you just need to find out whether they
use Whatsapp or invite them.

Another concern for marketers is that they don’t want to intrude by sending users Whatsapp marketing
messages directly. But if you are smart, well-timed, and deliver professional massage, you can reach
them without getting blocked.

1. Whatsapp is a world-wide messaging platform:

As of July 2019, MessengerPeople confirmed that Whatsapp has 160 million active users monthly, so we
can say that it is the most popular messaging app today. It connects over two billion users around the
world. To join this massive audience, you have to be intelligent, professional. That is the right way to
engage 1:1 with your target audience.

2. Now People prefer using chat over phone calls:

According to Business2Community, “more people use their smartphone for texting than they do phone
calls and more than 90% of american teenagers are using texting or SMS services.”

But usually, it is difficult to communicate with your audience through chat. For this, you need a brand
account on WhatsApp so that you are available at all times to your users.

3. You can personalize conversations on Whatsapp:

Personalizing your messages makes your conversation more relevant and authentic.

For example, if a mobile brand is connected to their regular customers with WhatsApp and know
their buying preferences, they can send messages and deals relevant to them, such as “New ArrivalFestival offers for you.”

4. Permission-based marketing: Greatest Feature:

This platform offers you permission-based marketing. You can’t merely search or buy contacts. You
either request them to share their numbers or message you first(could make you number as spam).In
both cases, you respect the user’s right to reject pr to receive your marketing message.

5. High user engagement available in Whatsapp:

The “HootSuite blog” research says that the engagement rate of messaging apps with 98% of mobile
messaging being opened ad read, with 90% being responded to within three seconds of receipt.

So, there is a chance that your marketing messages will be opened and read on WhatsApp.

6. Broadcast, Groups, status, link sharing, calling-Diverse feature set for different marketing needs:

Broadcast, It is another feature of WhatsApp. That is used for sending messages to your broadcast list
recipients. It is a great way to create awareness about your brands and announcements.

Status, You can also use Whatsapp status for promoting business. After ‘seen’ the state, If the clients are
interested, then they will text you.

Groups, With a maximum of 256, you can bring together your most potential customers to share
product details reviews, etc. Keep that group subject-relevant—any unprofessional messages effects on
your business.

Sharing Links to your services, PDF’s or docs(as the case of studies, video product demonstrations,
audio) sharing can help you to inform and engage with the audience. You can also share your location to
reach customers with you.

Calling, You can connect with your international customers via voice calls.

7. Customer service for improved customer experience:

You have to improve your customer service in your WhatsApp marketing strategy day by day. You can
use chat to resolve customer queries about product updates and reach out to customers through chats
or voice calls. Being fast communication, you can be accessible to your customers anytime, anywhere.

8. Whatsapp business API:

The business API is a large organization that wishes to send automated messages, notifications, tracking
pieces of information for the customers, and pay for the messages they send.

9. Your target audience is already in WhatsApp:

According to Experian Marketing Services:

(A) Whatsapp has a median age of 36.
(B) 71% of users are in the age bracket of 18-44.

These age bracket people are always interested in buying some products. So, Whatsapp is the right way
to promote business.

10. Whatsapp is free:

Whatsapp marketing is free unless you are using Business API or Integrating Third-party chatbox. And
that is enough reason to use Whatsapp.

Whatsapp can turn into a very efficient platform for marketing if you can brand awareness through
social platforms, websites, or other digital platforms.

Some tips for a successful Whatsapp marketing strategy:

(A) User permission is essential before you start sending them your marketing messages.
(B) Deliver useful content.
(C) Use automated messages(Business API) and share business-related information.
(D) Groups and broadcast messages also helpful in this manner.
(E) Be accessible, patient, and have a dedicated team to serve your purpose.

What types of communication takes place in Whatsapp?

There are two types of communication:

1. B-2-B(Business-to-Business) Communication.

2.B-2-C(Business-to-Customer) Communication.

How effective is Whatsapp marketing?

Whatsapp can be an excellent tool for customer service and advertising new products. Whatsapp
marketing will help remarket or the customers you already know.

The disadvantage of Whatsapp:

1. The main disadvantage for Whatsapp Marketing; sometimes, non-business users might not prefer
receiving business messages in their chatbox. So, there is a chance to be blocked by those types of users.
2. We all know that Whatsapp is a chatting app where your phone number is your ID.

Whatsapp: Can it be the future of marketing?

Research shows that The number of smartphone users in Indonesia was estimated to reach 82 million
users in 2020. At least 40% of them uses Whatsapp for messaging purpose.

(A) Whatsapp has an average open rate of messages of 98%. It crosses email by 14.5% rating. Whatsapp
marketing in Indonesia and the rest of the world will play a vital role within the next few years.

(B) If you want to Whatsapp for business in 2020, Konek Asia will now educate and teach you how to do
precisely that.

Lastly, the one thing that makes Whatsapp marketing for business accessible and attractive is the

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